Rainy days Michael kors handbags outlet playing shmancy sailor and his favorite shoes, I love every color of the hunters from all over the world to ver.eu always wanted to wear my sweater boots, but, you know, I live in Southern California, which are a serious drought # californiagirlproblems intermediary Fortunately, today is a strong storm. In the first day, it makes me want to sing "finally" ETA "James two important statements from representatives of fashion
"MICHAEL KORS reputation lies in his traditional classical, fashionable, noble, but not too much fancy design. In 1996, the New York times fashion writer Amy Spindler has comments" MICHAEL KORS is a designer of various kinds of strength. He is a successful design to simple but beautiful fashion to the fashion world. ""
Chanel announced a price increase of the circle of friends in a heated debate. In mid-april, the Classic Flap series, large 450 euros up; 2.25 series each size up 450 euros; Le Boy series medium rise 300 euros, or about 15%. Chanel Michael kors handbags outlet on price increases every year, every time fresh price of such people are not idle, and already start inwardly secretly pleased, wait for proceed with chagrin.
However, or a clearance of change garments according to the season, obviously has low price discount to reward consumers, but luxury products always keep "high", not a rise and rise year by year. Even generous discount, just a little bit. So, why luxury Michael kors handbags outlet love to play at a high price strategy?
"Luxury clothing, leather goods, watches, jewelry, and cosmetics market scale in 2013 was $390 billion, according to the growing only 7% a year, compared with 2010 in 2012 to 11% of the slowdown in the." The Boston consulting group (BCG) statistics show.
In spite of 2013 years each big luxury brand has experienced the "winter" period, but it still failed to stop their habitual rise in price. Starting from April 21, French jewelry brand Cartier prices 6% to 10%; On April 14, Chanel has announced price increases, rise as high as 15%; At the same time, the Italian brand Ferragamo inform partial commodity is the average price of 400 yuan. The brand will be the reason to due to rising costs, but the "trick" had been through, the root cause is in order to maintain high profits and high above the luxury goods status. Research institute, New York "luxury institute President pedro Lhasa" analysis, brand price intention, one of is to distinguish their products and cheaper entry-level luxury, but instead to push customers to competitors, may do more harm than good.
Indeed, as the light of luxury brand strong rise, traditional luxury brand's market share is gradually eroded; At the same time, design simple and not new, traditional product line production loss of scarcity has become a luxury brand "line", the growing loss of high-end customers. But most of the luxury brands are still rely on price to "keep face", but ignore the quality is to attract consumers.
"Price game" year after year
Have a top luxury brand bags is the dream of all women. Working class is often accumulate half a year's salary, is to can buy a good luxury. But in recent years, luxury prices soared like a rocket.
According to data released by the U.S. labor department, in the past decade, Michael Kors for sale prices have risen by as much as 60% of luxury goods. In 1955, when issued the first paragraph 2.55 Chanel bag, sold for $220, now want to buy this classic bag need at least 4830 dollars. This also means that less than 60 years Chanel 2.55 for up to 20 times. In addition, the Hermes kelly bag classic 10 years has been raised to $7600 from $4800, Louis vuitton Speedy bag is 32%.
yu is a multinational consulting company in Shanghai, a consultant in the workforce for six years, from the MCM, Coach, Chanel, Prada, clothing accessories with the position of the promotion are also rising, and the wardrobe upkeep as frequently premium luxury brand is opening up. "In 2010, I spent 18000 yuan to buy a Chanel Classic Flap, a month after the package is up nearly $2000. Two years later the bag price Michael kors handbags outlet is has exceeded 30000 yuan."
Figures show that the increase of luxury goods far above the average rate of inflation. The economic theory thinks, low price and the price of the product price may scare away customers, but high-end luxury goods tariffs help increase commodity appeal.
Many critics question the theory, however, think that this is not a good strategy of higher turnover, once the economy could slip be self-defeating environment, such as Gucci2013 annual sales fell 2.1%, LV 2013 fashion and leather goods sales growth slowed to 5% from 7% in 2012.
In fact, every year on luxury goods "price game", Hermes, Cartier, Gucci every year for the higher counter, brand the official reason is generally attributed to global prices spiraling inflation, including rising Michael Kors for sale prices of raw materials, during the off-season discounts to ensure profits, channel the rising cost of maintenance and new development of comprehensive.
Prices for luxuries idiomatic "costs", said the personage inside course of study. yu did domestic market development for a luxury brand consultant, she tells a reporter, the cost of luxury goods are: the formula of raw material processing cost + + luxury brand value + pr cost + channel cost + tariffs and government tax rate = the actual sales price. From the point of proportion, the brand value in the cost of luxury goods is one of the most important, the so-called raw materials and manufacturing cost is relatively low. A famous luxury brand has revealed in an interview, the President of LV canvas bag material cost per meter is 11 euro, converted into renminbi is only 100 yuan. Related media pointed out that the high-end fine tuning the cause of the high price, can be attributed to the market segmentation, because how many fashion brand, designer brands also have high quality difference, such as Chanel and Louis vuitton and Michael kors handbags outletwith Michael Kors and Tory 'Burch there is a gap between, to reflect the value and competitive, the ultimate way to use spread it, it also can maintain the high-end brand superiority.
Department store business analyst li wei also point out that luxury prices on a regular basis, and rising costs not much of a relationship, is more of a marketing tool, maintains its own luxury brand image, and catering to the psychological needs of the audience (if everyone can buy, it is not luxury). Luxury brands in order to keep the brand image and value of regular price is one of the important means.

Li wei, said to the reporter, because, unlike ordinary goods, luxury goods people buy ordinary goods, pay more attention to the commodity price, but for luxury goods, through high pricing, higher added value, in order to enhance
"Luxury" shunt customers
Traditional luxury brands occupy a larger market share in the luxury Michael kors handbags outlet sector, is also strong in propaganda and new product promotion. From each big fashion week annual Basel jewellery clock, high-end mass luxury brand always occupy the best venues and the biggest layout of media exposure. And the light of luxury niche brand, because a relatively small audience, enterprise scale, more rely on the same interest in the "inner circle" word of mouth, word of mouth is the best advertisement in their.
In the past two years, the strength of the light of luxury brand rise is there for all to see. It weighed on the traditional luxury brands, spread their customers, therefore, the traditional brand in order to through continuous price, to improve product Michael Kors for sale attractive and offset the loss of sales are down. And face more and more higher price of traditional luxury goods, even many rich feel unaffordable.
Light industry for "luxury (Affordable key-2 luxury)" meaning is roughly defined as: "Affordable luxury", specifically, moderate price, popular design, good quality, in the high-end shopping malls have a store brand. Compared to Hermes, Louis vuitton, etc., the brand is relatively young, some even have luxury lineages (top line), they are individual character is dye-in-the-wood and do not break vogue, and the most impress consumers is price, below ten thousand yuan or 5000 yuan usually is the mainstream of their price range. When out in the mall of the name brand price is $35, ten thousand, these light sense of luxury Michael kors handbags outlet fashion, design and quality can stand out in a crowd, easily grasp purse overtake fashion desire of the heart of the white collar.